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Section A

Directions:In this section there are ten sentences,each with one word or phrase underlined. Choose the one from the four choices marked A,B,C and D that best keeps the meaning of the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.

16. Hague was elected as the Conservative Party leader partly because of his ambiguous views on Britain’s position in relation to its partners in the European Union.

A. ambitious B. obscure C. appalling D. indifferent

17. Her story shows how gentle stubbornness and an indifference to honors and fame can lead to great achievements.

A. persuasion B. determination C. devotion D. reservation

18. We have a respon3sibility to ensure our nation’s continued prosperity and the most sensible way to do this is by investment in basic scientific research.

A. effective B. efficient C. significant D. reasonable

19. All information reported to or likewise obtained by the commission is considered confidential.

A. in a similar way B. in another way

C. in a direct way D. in an unauthorized way

20. I would recommend this inn highly on account of its wonderful location.

A. as a result of B. because of

C. with regard to D. with a view to

21. Television advertisements do more than merely reflect dominant ideologies.

A. exactly B. faithfully C. repeatedly D. simply

22. The legislative provision has a great impact on the operations of the department.

A. law B. passage C. revision D. clause

23. In spite of a problem with the faulty equipment,some very useful work was accomplished.

A. imperfect B. temporary C. emergency D. reinstalled

24. Talks on climate change resumed in the German city of Bonn on July 16 to combat global warming.

A. focus on B. settle down C. fight against D. sum up

25. Bob believes that the invasion of the marketplace into the university is undermining fundamental academic values,and that we must act now to halt this decline.

A. lace B. plug C. cease D. digest

Section B

Directions:In this section,there are ten incomplete sentences. For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C and D. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the ANSWER SHEET with a single line through the center.

26. The local people could hardly think of any good way to______poverty they had endured.

A. shake off B. ward off C. put off D. take off

27. The three branches of government—the legislative,the executive,and the______—restrain and stabilize one another through their separated functions.

A. lawful B. just C. judicial D. legal

28. From observers’ estimates of the brightness of the fireball,he______that the body in the space was between 40 feet and 260 feet in diameter.

A. deduced B. reduced C. induced D. produced

29. They provide a means of keeping______of the thousands of journal papers that are published monthly or quarterly.

A. track B. contact C. relation D. steps

30. You can use the Course Calendar to help______your students of important dates in the course,such as test dates.

A. warn B. remind C. convince D. deprive

31. Among picture books for 4—8-year-olds,several outstanding works appeared that combined original stories with______illustrations.

A. imaginable B. imaginative C. imaging D. imageless

32. A survey of more than 1000 philosophers,teachers and students by the authoritative Philosophers’ Magazine placed Charles Darwin’s The Origin of______as the third most important work.

A. Sperms B. Species C. Spectrums D. Specimens

33. As skies fill with millions of migrating birds,European scientists say the seasonal miracle appears to depend on a seeming______:The fatter the bird,the more efficiently it flies.

A. interruption B. description C. qualification D. contradiction

34. The party leader justified his subsequent reelection______that he had brought political stability and economic development to his country.

A. in the way B. by no means C. on the grounds D. to the extent

35. A leading British scholar has proposed translating Shakespeare into contemporary English ______ young audiences who are confused by jokes which are 400 years out of date.

A. in memory of B. at the cost of

C. on behalf of D. for the benefit of


16-20 B B D A B

21-25 D D A C C

26-30 A C A A B

31-35 B B D C D


  • 在职研究生改革后,主要包括2类考试:一月全国统考、五月同等学力申硕。

  • 当然有了,双证班有一月工商管理硕士MBA(毕业证+学位证),一月法律硕士(毕业证+学位证),一月公共管理硕士MPA(毕业证+学位证),一月会计硕士MPACC(毕业证+学位证),一月份工程管理硕士MEM(毕业证+学位证),这些都双证班。

  • 讲、练、测、评是教学的四大常规环节,其中“测”在整个教学过程中占有举足轻重的作用,是阶段性教学工作评价的标准之一。

  • 第一、切实可行的词汇记忆计划。对待同等学力英语词汇不能“一视同仁”,要分重点有选择性的记忆,不能死记硬背。同等学力考生可选择一些好的词汇书,这些书大多对《大纲》规定的词汇有所讲解,然后指定科学的记忆计划和方法。

  • 会计学,是一项社会上不可缺少的工作人才,每年报考会计学方面专业的人也是非常的多,而考生要达到顺利应考,除要付出艰苦的努力外,科学的学习方式和方法往往是考试成功的关键。

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